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Lenny Lamb Baby Wrap 'Little Love Dazzle' IN STOCK

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Brand Lenny Lamb

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We all enjoy the fine things in life so why not bring a little bit of LUXURY to every day?

We are pleased to help introduce the Luxury Lenny Lamb line of products. They combined 28% Merino wool, 60% combed cotton, 8% silk and 4% cashmere to achieve the effect of luxurious softness - it feels like a piece of heaven. This blend is also very breathable and has thermoactive properties to keep the microclimate around your baby’s body comfortable.

Beautifully woven jacquard wrap in the 'Little Love Dazzle' design.

These wraps are perfect for long walks, as they distribute weight very well, taking baby’s weight off your back and so they are highly recommended by physiotherapists. 

The most important advantage of the wraps is the fact that there are no age or weight limitations.

You can start wearing your baby from day one and continue till your child gives you clear message that this way of travel is no longer good for him or when you decide that it is no longer comfortable because of child’s weight.

There is almost unlimited number of carries you can do with a woven wrap. You can try: ‘tummy-to tummy’, cradle, hip or back carries.

It all depends on the baby’s and babywearer’s needs in the particular moment.