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$ 20.00

Brand Bibetts

Do you want your wrap converted into a ring sling?

I can do that!

This price includes the rings and creation of ONE sling. Any additional material/scrap will be sent back to you with your sling. Current turn around time is 1 week from the time we receive your wrap. 

Sorry but this item is not eligible for any discounts (including rewards points). 

Please send your wrap to us at:

Bibetts Customs
20005 Hallbrook Lane
Pflugerville TX 78660

On a piece of paper with your wrap please include the following information:

1. How long would you like the finished sling to be?

2. What type of shoulder do you want? We offer pleated, gathered or hybrid. Or.. try us on something new! We love an adventure :)

3. What color rings would you like? You may visit for a full selection of colors.

4. Is there an inside/outside or upside/downside to your wrap? If so, please clearly explain which side you would like facing up and/or out on the pouch area of the sling. 

5. Which shoulder will you be using your sling on? (If there is a pattern on your sling we will make the pattern face the correct way based on the shoulder you are wearing on).

After we receive your wrap, it usually takes us ONE WEEK to get your sling made and back in the mail to you. 

Still have questions or do you want to chat before you send in your wrap? Call us at 512/660-2229 M-F 9am-4:30pm CST

We are a proud member of the *BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) and when you buy one of our carriers, you can feel secure knowing that the safety of your baby is at the top of our priority list. (*Membership in the BCIA does not constitute compliance with regulatory standards nor any laws. BCIA offers no compliance certificates.)