Bibetts Pure Linen Ring Sling - Coral

$ 45.00

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Ring Slings are a great option if you want more freedom and mobility after your little one has arrived.

Linen is a completely pure and eco-friendly fabric. Once seen as only a luxury fabric, it is now widely used for its many fabulous features:

  • It resists staining and sun fading
  • Has anti-allergenic properties
  • Created from the flax plant, it is an animal and vegan friendly material
  • Durable and supportive
  • Linen fibers are up to 3x stronger than standard cotton
  • Linen acts as a heat regulator, cooling you in the summer and keeping you warm in winter 
  • Machine washable!!

Why 100% Linen Ring Sling?

  • Linen slings are very breathable, durable and supportive
  • Can be used for newborns through toddlers
  • Will last for many years
  • After it wears in, it is buttery soft
  • Folds up very small in your diaper bag
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Easily adjusts from one person to another
  • Hanging tail can be used to cover baby while nursing or to block baby from sun

The Sling Details:

  • Weight limits: 8-35 lbs.
  • Width: approx. 28 inches
  • Single layer of strong 100% linen
  • CPSIA safety compliant
  • Instructions included
  • Triple stitched shoulder to ensure your baby’s safety

 We are a proud member of the *BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) and when you buy one of our carriers, you can feel secure knowing that the safety of your baby is at the top of our priority list.

(*Membership in the BCIA does not constitute compliance with regulatory standards nor any laws. BCIA offers no compliance certificates.)

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